ennsylvania Sex Discrimination Lawyer

Pennsylvania Sex Discrimination Lawyer

Sex discrimination hurts not only women, but their families too. A single mom is denied a promotion, or a higher salary, whereas a male counterpart gets those things. Your wife is denied the better paying job because the boss wants it to go to a male breadwinner of his family. This is sex discrimination. Sex discrimination – treating women differently because of their gender – often occurs because an employer has a preconception about women in a particular employment role or the kind of work they should be doing. It occurs when women are frozen out of top leadership positions, that all go to men, or are otherwise isolated from their male counterparts.

Weinstein Law Firm, LLC takes these cases seriously. We will fight sex discrimination in employment on behalf of women throughout the eastern half of Pennsylvania. This geographic areas spans from Williamsport to Scranton, down to the Lehigh Valley, Pottsville, and Harrisburg, and in Philadelphia and its suburbs.