everance Package Review

Severance Package Review

Employers have no obligation to provide severance pay upon termination. Sometimes, though, an employer will offer a terminated employee severance pay if the employee agrees to waive any claims he or she may have. So the question then is what might you be giving up in exchange for signing the severance package?

At Weinstein Law Firm, LLC we help workers review proposed separation agreements and advise whether the agreement is fair and/or how to improve it. Sometimes we urge the employee not to sign away their rights because the employer is not offering enough. For example, if the individual has potent claim for age discrimination, the employee may be well advised not to accept just 2 weeks of severance pay. They should receive more for what they’re giving up. Sometimes we assist the worker in securing changes to the agreement language, such as how reference inquiries will be handled and whether unemployment compensation will be contested.

Although our principal geographic area is the eastern half of Pennsylvania, from Williamsport to Scranton, down to Allentown, Pottsville and Harrisburg, and in Philadelphia and its suburbs, we can assist employees elsewhere too when they have been presented with a severance package.