ennsylvania Employment Retaliation Lawyer

Pennsylvania Employment Retaliation Lawyer

I don’t know of a more difficult decision for a victim of discrimination than whether to report it. The victimized employee does not know whether they will be believed. He or she doesn’t know how human resources or management will respond. The employee is rightfully fearful that they will forevermore be considered a troublemaker and that their career with their employer will essentially be over. All too often management and human resources personnel do not protect the employees who do their job and report the discrimination. The employees are then isolated, and their work lives made miserable when the employer turns it back on them. I’ve seen this kind of retaliation occur most frequently in response to complaints of age discrimination, sexual harassment and race discrimination. This firm, Weinstein Law Firm, LLC, will help guide you during these difficult times. This firm will sue employers who allow their employees to be retaliated against because they reported discrimination. We will pursue these cases relentlessly, and the areas we serve include Williamsport to Scranton, down to Allentown, Pottsville and Harrisburg, and in Philadelphia and its suburbs.