ace / Ethnicity Discrimination

Race / Ethnicity Discrimination

Employment discrimination on the basis of race or color or national origin is illegal, but that restriction is meaningless if you can’t prove it. I suppose one benefit in the world of Trump is that bigots are more likely to speak their mind, and their statements can be useful in proving an employee’s case. Essentially, there are two types of race discrimination. The first kind is when an employee is harassed or tormented on the job due to the color of their skin or their place of birth. The second kind is when someone is denied a job or promotion for the same reasons. At Weinstein Law Firm, LLC, we’ve protected men and women of color, or from a foreign land, from the ugliest kinds of racism on the job. We’ve done these cases throughout the eastern half of Pennsylvania, from Williamsport to Scranton, down to Allentown, Pottsville and Harrisburg, and in Philadelphia and its suburbs.