rofessional License Defense

Professional License Defense

You probably know that the conduct of attorneys is governed by the state. If an attorney screws up, the attorney can lose their right to practice law. You may not have known that dozens of other professions are similarly regulated by the state. Doctors, nurses, teachers, social workers, barbers, massage therapists, wastewater treatment plant operators – just to name a few – are all subject to state oversight. The state has the right – after due process has been provided – to discipline such professionals and even take away their license to practice in their profession. At Weinstein Law Firm, LLC, we realize there is a lot at stake for you. We defend the rights of licensed professionals when the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania seeks to take disciplinary action against them due to allegations of misconduct. Sometimes we are able to reach a deal with state prosecutors, and other times we energetically contest the state’s allegations at an evidentiary hearing in Harrisburg and thereafter in the courts.