re You Facing Age Discrimination At Work?

Are You Facing Age Discrimination At Work?

Weinstein Law Firm, LLC prosecutes age discrimination cases throughout the eastern half of Pennsylvania. From Williamsport to Scranton, down to the Lehigh Valley, Pottsville, and Harrisburg, and in Philadelphia and its suburbs. Older workers are being frozen out of the workforce. Everyone knows it, yet it’s complicated to prove it. An employee must prove that his or her age was a “determinative” factor in whatever was done to them, whether it be a denied promotion, denied hiring, or job termination. We rely on comments made to the employee, examples of uneven treatment of older workers, and/or holes in the employer’s explanations to meet the burden of proof.

Attorney Marc E. Weinstein has been a trusted advocate for employees and minorities for nearly twenty years. Attorney Weinstein has successfully defended the rights of workers all throughout Pennsylvania, and has won countless lawsuits for workers who have been unlawfully discriminated against.

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